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Stone Chip Repairs

stone chips

Don't you just hate stone chips? These tiny terrors are a common cause of paintwork damage and their effects can be often overlooked.

If stone chip scratches are left and not treated they can play a major factor of rusting around the lower grill area and bonnet. These areas are more likely to be susceptible to damage from road salt that can cause them to rust. Once a car starts to rust, it is practically irreversible.

Colour Wizard® are experts in car body repairs and can repair the effects of stone chips from only £30.00. We use paint that is 100% matched to the colour of your vehicle, we treat stone chips individually, applying a coat of lacquer on top of each chip before finally compounding and polishing. The result: your bonnet is restored to its original factory condition.

Our mobile technicians can repair chips and scratches in just a few hours at the convenient location such as your home or workplace at a fraction of the cost of a auto body shop.

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Colour Wizard® offer a wide range of car repairs services, fast response and showroom finish at our body shop in Liverpool including alloy wheel refurbishment, minor dent removal and stone chip surface repairs. Phone 07966 795444 or Click here for a detailed Email quote

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We offer fast response and showroom finish. Phone 07966 795444 or Click here for a detailed Email quote

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